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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hi Friend,

By this blog we are trying to make simple for understandings VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Service and solutions and its component. 
What is VoIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol

Why VoIP: For making long distance call cheaper as local call

Who are Users: Who want cheap cost with perfect voice

How does it use: Telephone service which using the public Internet and back end for call transport.

For making a phone call there are two side, one is caller side and another is receiver side. In VoIP its called Origination (Caller side) & Termination (Receiver Side). Generally we do use phone set for making a call but in VoIP Soft-phone is primary software and it is runs on Computer with internet connection.

Now Mobile VoIP is a new revolution in the VoIP World. Now user can use their mobile phone for making a VoIP Call. Now don't need to sit with computer. By installing soft-phone on mobile user can make long distance call in very cheap rate with crystal clear voice quality beside his GSM or CDMA Networks.

VoIP has a wide range of service. Not only personal user likes VoIP but also Corporate firms and Multi National Companies are deploying VoIP instead of their old PSTN service. 

Now we will entering into Technical Side about Voice:

Digital Telephone service which using the public Internet and back end for call transport. VoIP support for the public switched telephone network (PSTN) is also provided so that VoIP calls can originate and terminate from regular telephones. Many companies, including Vonage, AT&T are typically offering calls within the country for a fixed fee and a low per-minute charge for international. Customers are required to have broadband Internet access (cable/DSL/WiFi).

VoIP runs on two protocols 
1. H323
2. SIP